Obsolete is a non-profit organization working for a community-supported culture.

We believe the arts and education are catalysts for social and co-operative economies, public debate, production of commons and community sharing; hence we advocate for independent and popular culture. Culture by essence is shared and popular, it should be open, contributive, sustainable and independent. We want to contribute to reaching this ideal.

Each community and territory is unique in its history, traditions and diversity. Our action is collective, we cooperate with local actors to produce cultural content that meets their needs and goals. We aim to enhance their creativity and know-how and sustain their cultural actions.

We curate art exhibitions, support the creation of original works, raise awareness of contemporary issues, run open research projects aiming at the sustainability of the creative sector; on topics as diverse as free internet, housing for all or ecologic crisis.


Aurélien Krieger


Aurélien is a cultural producer and educator.

With a background in engineering, his work experience throughout arts and interactive media includes the design and production of computational artworks, films, installations, performances; the curation of exhibitions; the teaching of creative coding courses for young people.

Diane Pricop


Diane is an exhibition curator and event manager.

Diane was trained in the art market and galleries in Paris. Since 2010, she has developed and produced cultural events and artistic programs, managed exhibition spaces and participated in promoting the creation of companies in the creative and cultural sector.