Human values
in the digital age

Imagine a world in which creativity, knowledge and openness are values we place at the core of our societal and technological agenda.

Obsolete is a non-profit organisation that advocates the literacy of arts and science in the digital age. We develop and support art exhibitions, conferences, educational programs and events that encourage public debate and positive impact for communities.

Our action is collective and drawn by a network of partners from art centres, universities and research institutes, business and public institutions. We activate moments of exchange between professionals and audiences across disciplines and territories.

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We program and develop art exhibitions, network events and public conferences. Our events raise awareness of technological applications, support knowledge sharing and the emergence of collaborations. They contribute to boosting the sector of creative industries.

PANORAMA art event series

PANORAMA art event series


We provide coding classes for young audiences, taking a playful and creative approach for teamwork and project-oriented applications. These pedagogical initiatives aim to give young people the keys to understand and become actors in the digital age.

blue{shift} coding camp


We support the production of original artworks that are in line with a cross-disciplinary art-science research. These elements of emotional and imaginary reflection raise questions about the societal issues related to the development of new technologies.


Aurélien Krieger


Aurélien is a cultural producer and educator.

With a background in engineering, his work experience throughout arts and interactive media includes the design and production of computational artworks, films, installations, performances; the curation of exhibitions; the teaching of creative coding courses for young people.

Diane Pricop


Diane is an exhibition curator and event manager.

Diane was trained in the art market and galleries in Paris. Since 2010, she has developed and produced cultural events and artistic programs, managed exhibition spaces and participated in promoting the creation of companies in the creative and cultural sector.


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